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Date Added:  2020-03-16   
Take what you want from this post... And say what you want...

Went to Walmart to get a few necessities. Knew I was walking into chaos. At first... The empty shelves were comical. The LOADED carts of water, paper products, etc... Laughable. That while this pandemic is serious... And should be taken as such... Does NOT MEAN that we treat this like the apocalypse. I watched ppl scrambling... Pushing by other carts and grabbing stuff before others could get it. The human race has taken a step backwards. We've been through tragedies before... Where we came together...united. This issue before us has done nothing but divide us! The attitude of "Fuck you... Whether your family needs it or not... Because I'M GONNA GET MINE" has become the norm. I watched a few elderly couples walking the aisles... Looking for a few essentials but couldn't find anything because the family of three before them had just taken like 50 cans of vegetables as if their are preparing to stock their bomb shelter. Do we really need cases upon cases of toilet paper? Do we really need 8 cases of water... Depriving those who may be looking for some as well... But not caring because "I got mine". My heart hurt... Watching these older couples searching for some groceries... Yet finding very little because of the greed shown by many fueled by what they read on social media and hear on local and national news. How hard is it to take a deep breath... And take what you need for the next few days... Maybe a week? The manner in which humanity has gone into such a knee jerking reaction is embarrassing. Take a moment and remember those who truly NEED some things... While you sit back and gaze at your 20 cases of ramen sitting in your garage because you can't fit then in your pantry. Think of the moms who can't find wipes because a family just bought 30 packs... But don't NEED that many. What I saw tonight was disgusting... Humiliating... And heart breaking. And all I could do was watch as I bought ONE box if trash bags... And TWO lunchables for our son. I would've loved to have bought more... But why at this time? For those of you in panic mode... Buying everything you possibly can... Please try... JUST TRY to think of those out there that are willing to take just what they need, but can't because you've forgotten that there's others in this town besides yourselves.

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