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Another Online Magazine?

Who needs it when there are Billions of Blogs and Websites out there! AMT is not only online but we are in print and you will be able to take advantage of the only magazine that YOU can post your article no matter what it says. Normally you cannot get an article in a magazine unless you work there. Not with us, if you want to write an article, classified or news and have it in print and distributed to millions of readers, then American Voice Magazine is the only place where Freedom of Speech / Freedom of the Press is available without us putting our 2 cents worth in (or out).

We do not edit or change your article, we don't keep it out because we don't agree with what you've written... We may edit the ad for spelling, but thats it. We don't change grammar or punctuation or anything. (We may have to **** out any explanitives that may not be allowed by law to be published to the general public).

We offer News, Articles, Advertising for Business, Medical, Legal, For Sale, Classifieds. This is your users voice magazine. In the For-Sale section, you can sell Appliances, Home Furniture, Cars, Trucks, Vans, Airplanes, Boats, Clothing, Toys, Games etc. Anything you want to sell..

We are the voice of america (usa) offering news for businesses, home based business, corporations. Our classifieds cover recreation, dining, free speech, freedom, medical, dental, realestate, legal, law, lawyer, doctors, nurses, hospitals, for sale, auctions, cars, trucks, vans, motorcycle, home, office, work, employment, small business, starting business, franchise, start up businesses.

We are much like fox, cbs, nbc, local news, daily news, regional news with articles, classifieds, news and reviews without having the staff writers telling you whats new, other users, the common people make the news here.

So check us out, where else can you publish an article or post an ad without it being scrutinized by the editor, or not accepted because the paper/magazine doesn't like your point of view.


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