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AM Times is a magazine for the people, by the people. What does that mean? Allow me to explain. Normal magazines are like news and information books. The owners and publishers hire and have on staff writers. They are given assignments to cover a story or subject.

The average person has No-Chance of getting their views and opinions into the magazine, unless they send in a letter to the editor. Then it's hit and miss. You can't even PAY to get an article into the magazine, and if you could, it would cost tons of money.

Not AM Times Magazine. ANYONE can write an article for the magazine at the lowest possible cost. You can say whatever you want. The only editing we do is to Bleep out certain bad-words. But not totally. If you sent an article and it had a bad word, it would be changed from its original form to *hit for example.

We dont correct spelling or grammar. Your article is untouched and raw. You could even write a negative article about AM Times and we would still publish it. We believe in No Censorship. The only reason we change bad words is young readers may be reading this...

Of course as with any magazine or newspaper, we offer classified ad space but our costs are far below that of ANY newspaper or magazine. Display Ads are also sold, and the costs are FAR below anyone out there.

We also offer a way to get an article in the magazine for FREE. We offer as a special package what we call "Sponsored Page". An advertiser pays X dollars for a SPONSORED page. They then can place a 1/4 page ad on that page. The rest of the page is filled with FREE Articles from you, the reader. Space is limited only to the number of Sponsored pages we sell.

Of course when putting together a magazine or newspaper, there is always empty space to be filled near the publication date. We take those FREE articles and place them where we have empty space as well. SO you could get your article in the magazine.

We are currently Home-Based in Arizona. Our goal is to reach all of america. How are we going to do this? We are not offering FRANCHISES the remaining 49 states. We will only allow ONE franchise per state. That person will control all sales and marketing for that state. They will also have the AM Times Magazine printed for that state alone.

What is unique about this structure, is that for example, Arizona can sell an ad to run in Arizona AND California (Cost adjusted for multiple states) . So that ad would run in 2 states. This allows the advertiser to Target-Market their ads instead of the shot-gun method with other magazines. This also is a Huge Cost Savings for the advertiser.

Gary Crunk garycrunk@amtimes.com


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