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What is a "Sponsored Article"?  If you try to publish an article in any national magazine or newspaper, you will find that it is impossible.  Not to mention the cost of doing so.  We sell Sponsored Pages to companies that want to give back to the community.  They purchase a sponsored page, they get a 1/4 of that page for their ad.  The rest of the page is filled with Articles written by people just like you.  There is no guarantee that your article will be printed.  You will also be notified by email if your article is picked to be published and when.  So with NO money out of your pocket, you can have your article at least online, and possibly being published around the country.  Below is a listing of Sponsored Articles written by our members.  Click on the Start button just below if you want to write your own article.  We keep the size down to a 1/4 page, but thats still a LOT of space to write what you want. 


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